UP System Privacy Notice for Students

UP Privacy Notice for CV Processing

UPCAT Privacy Notice

UP Alumni Privacy Notice

Student Financial Assistance (SFA) Online Privacy Notice

Freedom of Information Processing

Memorandum No. TJH 2018-03 - 8 March 2018 Deadline to Register Personal Data Processing Systems with the National Privacy Commission (NPC)

Memorandum No. TJH 2018-05 - Review of draft submission to register Personal Data Processing systems with the National Privacy Commission (NPC)

Memorandum No. PDLC 18-23 - Posting of UP's Privacy Notice and Requiring Assent of the Students to the Privacy Notice in Registration Login and Enrolment Forms

Memorandum No. PDLC 18-25 - UPCAT Privacy Notice for Posting

Memorandum No. TJH 2018-40 - Request for Comments and/or Suggested Revisions to the Draft UP System Data Privacy Policy

Memorandum No. TJH 2018-41 - Data Privacy Consent Forms and Privacy Notices for Scholarship Applications.

Memorandum No. TJH 2019-07A - Organizational and Technological Security Measures for Data Privacy Act Compliance (UPDATED)

Memorandum No. TJH 2019-10 - Non Disclosure Undertaking for All University Personnel Including Those Performing Services for UP Pursuant to a Contract of Service

Non-Disclosure Undertaking for UP Employees